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Londre Bodywear

Londre Bodywear make stunning swim and body wear in variety of styles, all super flattering for any type of body, constructed with ethics and sustainability in mind. All products are manufactured using a high proportion of eco materials and recyclable fabrics, manufactured locally to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible.

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Londre Bodywear

Swimwear + Bodywear + Casual

Items For Sale

Organic Cotton, Recycled materials

Materials Used

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Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable Fashion
Organic Basics

In Their Own Words

"Londre was dreamt up on a beach by us, Ainsley Rose and Hannah Todd, while working on a photo shoot in Sayulita, Mexico. We were inspired to create the most flattering, high quality garments with the lowest possible impact.

Creating positive change in our global community is at the heart of Londre. We use our small business to make quantifiable change for women and the environment, with initiatives leading to the removal of 4,500lbs of garbage off of BC's coast, and planting 450 baby corals."

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