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Like many of you, we are concerned about our planet and everything, everyone that lives on it. We understand that it's going to take a collective effort to ensure that we halt the damage being done. 

When it comes to fashion, that collective effort is underway. Sustainable, ethically made clothing, accessories and homewares are more readily available than ever before thanks to so many incredible entrepreneurs, designers and passionate people.

Right now CWYW is just a directory but we have big plans! The next stage of this project is going to be building a multi-vendor platform for sustainable, ethical brands so consumers have a platform to shop with confidence, knowing they are purchasing from companies that are commited to bettering the world. 


We believe that supporting companies striving to change the world through more sustainable, ethical practices is the best way to encourage more companies to do the same.

Sustainable items should be easy to find. 

Care What You Wear is a project brought to you by the team at Just Juniper Media. As a company, we have dedicated the last few years to working with businesses and organisations that are using social media for social change.

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