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Olive Clothing

Olive Clothing produce a wide range of contemporary clothing working with a variety of designers in an array of sustainable fabrics, they create modern simple clothes you will want to wear again and again.

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Olive Clothing

T Shirts + Skirts + Tops + Trousers + Shirts + Jackets + Coats + Sweatshirts + Loungewear + Accessories + Footwear + Jewellery

Items For Sale

Wool, Organic Cotton, Leather

Materials Used

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price range

recently added sustainable fashion

Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable Fashion
Organic Basics
Sustainable Fashion

In Their Own Words

"Olive is a British contemporary clothing brand with its operational headquarters and flagship womenswear store in Regency Cheltenham. Our large choice of styles, conceived in collaboration with our network of independent designers, combines heritage with modernity, simplicity with playfulness, and street style with understated elegance. We enjoy a vibrant, international customer community, and ship to every country in the world. We're conscious that we are a part of a chain that begins with farming and yarn production, and ends with style; we take our own responsibilities within that chain seriously"

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