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Independent London Brand Loci make smart, conscious, vegan trainers in a dazzling array of colour-ways. These super ethical, super stylish shoes keep the fashion conscious consumer firmly in mind whilst maintaining durability and breathability. At last an Eco-friendly trainer that won’t cost the earth, or damage it for that matter!

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Recycled PET, Recycled Bamboo, Organic Cotton, Rubber, Maize Leather

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In Their Own Words

"At LØCI, we don't just believe in looking good - our mission is to go a step further and look beyond.
We combine fashion with sustainability by creating sneakers built on the promise of ethical practices and groundbreaking materials. In fact, each pair features 20 recycled plastic bottles as well as recycled bamboo, foam & rubber – all part of an effort to fight global economic dysfunction while protecting Earth's precious resources!
From sourcing cotton and rubber ethically, right down to choosing our production site in Portugal - where industries are developed with social value held close-to-heart. At LØCI, we know that looking good doesn't have to come at the cost of an ethical price tag."

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