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Nomad produce a full range of Menswear and Womenswear. Their focus is on creating contemporary designs that are 100% ethically produced using natural fibres and environmentally friendly processes whilst celebrating artisanal processes.

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Full range + Men's wear + Women's wear + Knitwear + socks + shirts

Items For Sale

Organic Cotton, Viscose, Lyocell,

Materials Used

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recently added sustainable fashion

Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable Fashion
Organic Basics

In Their Own Words

"Duncan and Vicky met in Pushkar, Rajasthan in 1989, where they both fell in love with the wonderfully vibrant culture of India. After exploring the country together, they decided to combine the last of their travelling money to invest in a selection of fair trade handicrafts from Nepal. They brought these purchases back to the UK and sold them at the first ever Nomads market stall in Camden, London. The success of these market stalls soon saw us begin to manufacture our own products, and we began to build lifelong relationships with artisan producers and fair trade factories in India. Today we focus our attentions on designing and creating contemporary clothing that is 100% ethically produced and celebrates traditional artisan skills - whilst using the best quality natural fibres and environmentally friendly processes."

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