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Lucy & Yak

Lucy and Yak fashion amazing handmade corduroy and cotton dungarees, boilersuits and organic tees. All their products are manufactured with ethical and sustainable methods from organic or recycled materials.

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Lucy & Yak

Unisex range + Accessories + dungarees + dresses

Items For Sale

Organic Cotton, Organic Corduroy

Materials Used

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price range

recently added sustainable fashion

Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable Fashion
Organic Basics

In Their Own Words

"Lucy & Yak began life down under in New Zealand, after Chris and I decided to quit our jobs and travel across the world. Here, we spent hours sewing on the beach, making tobacco pouches from old clothes which we sold to travellers. They loved them and we still get messages from people saying they met someone with one of our pouches. After traveling for a few years, we eventually went back to the UK. Here, we bought a van and we named it ‘Yak’. We lived in the Yak and sold vintage clothing from it to get by, which is when we realised we had an eye for fashion. So one rainy night, we decided our next trip would be to search for a manufacturer to create the designs we had in our heads…dungarees!

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