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Greenfibres Organic

Greenfibres Organic make beautiful, organic textile and ethically made bedding and clothing, designed to be kinder to the environment and our health and future well being.

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Greenfibres Organic

Men's wear + Women's wear + Children & Babies + Bedroom + Skincare + Cleaning + Kitchen and Bathroom

Items For Sale

Organic cotton, Natural silk

Materials Used

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price range

recently added sustainable fashion

Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable Fashion

In Their Own Words

"The idea for Greenfibres evolved in the early 1990’s and the first organic cotton t-shirt was sold in 1996. It was started by William and Gabriela Lana for two main reasons:

To offer you beautiful and useful textile products that are kind to the environment and to our health and well-being,
To provide meaningful livelihoods for all people who work with, and in, Greenfibres."

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