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Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective use only fabrics made from recycled plastic waste, water bottles and fishing nets to responsibly produce amazing comfortable high performance active wear in a range of stunning colours.

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Girlfriend Collective

Leggings + Shorts
Sports bras + tops

Items For Sale

Recycled polyester, spandex, recycled fishing nets, plastic bottles, cotton waste fibre

Materials Used

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price range

recently added sustainable fashion

Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable Fashion
Organic Basics

In Their Own Words

"When we started Girlfriend Collective our first goal was to be as transparent as possible. So many companies tout transparency but only offer flashy headlines instead of substance. We chose every part of our process, from our raw materials to our facilities to our partners, with care.
We also discovered quickly that high end fit and feel is not a matter of cost, it’s a matter of time. We take the time to make sure every single one of our designs is so beautiful that you won’t cycle through it the next time you look through your closet. We're like the earth's number one fan, so being eco-friendly is at the top of our priorities, as is giving you as much information as possible."

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