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Best Sustainable Footwear Brands

More than ever what we the consumer, think about environmental issues is taking on a greater significance and affecting our purchases, as our awareness of the damage done to our world by our consuming habits increases so do companies' and corporations' attempts to address sustainability issues. The green consumer is driving this change forward with their decisions. One of the industries in which this change is increasingly noticeable is the footwear industry.

Designed in the heart of Brooklyn NYC, KOIO footwear is manufactured in the Le Marche region of Italy, where they use the finest artisanal handcrafting techniques to construct a timeless classic design that will transcend trends and become a long-lasting wardrobe staple. They feature minimalist designs with little to no branding and an ultra streamlined aesthetic which does not compromise comfort in any way. With a commitment to using only cow leathers from regenerative farms, tackling major environmental issues such as wastewater and the use of only recycled materials KOIO footwear are continuing to lead the way in the sustainable luxury shoe market, making haute couture products without the haute couture price.

Ethletic create 100% vegan sneakers manufactured using highly transparent fair trade processes, and within a socially responsible manufacturing framework that supports workers rights and feeds back into the local community. Ethletics shoes are all constructed from fair trade organic cotton and natural latex milk rubbers, not petrol-based synthetic rubbers, in addition, no harmful glues or dyes are used in the manufacture of their styish and functional sneakers. We love them.

Ecoalf produce cutting-edge sustainable contemporary footwear, all their products are produced with “the goal of doing the less harm possible to the planet and local communities”. To this end they construct their shoes using recycled materials such as recycled PET from post consumer waste, recycled tires and recycled Polyester from the sea in the form of fishing nets and plastic bottles. So far Ecoalf have used over 250 million bottles reclaimed from the oceans that would otherwise cause massive environmental damage. They attempt to balance the consumer needs with the planets need, to deliver a stylish yet sustainable product.

Using technological advances Allbirds manufacture amazing sustainable footwear. Their stunningly soft and lightweight shoes are made utilising natural materials from regenerative sources, or when they couldn’t find sustainable enough materials they made their own such as 100% plant leather or Sweetfoam the worlds first carbon negative EVA. Allbirds also invests heavily in regenerative agriculture and carbon offsetting to ensure that when you receive your product you know its environmental impact has been minimised, whilst still looking and feeling amazing.

In a sign that consumers really are driving change one of our favourite sustainable friendly brands Finisterre have teamed up with Palladium shoes to manufacture a new range of vegan,waterproof footwear constructed from plastics recovered from the sea, and recycled waste rubbers.

These brands champion ecological commitments, cutting pollution and reducing global warming and their versatile footwear delivers high functioning style made within an ethical environment. I cant wait for pay day!


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