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4 of the Best Sustainable Jeans Brands

Since their origins as utilitarian workwear, worn by the miners, factory workers and farmers of North America, through to their status as the must have symbol of youth rebellion, the humble pair of jeans has now become a fashion staple and a cornerstone of many peoples wardrobe’s. But as consumers increasingly Care What They Wear does the environmental impact of Jeans production threaten the popularity of this long term favourite.

It is estimated that the production of a single pair of jeans uses about 400 gallons of Water, couple this with the chemicals used in their production and the pesticides and insecticides used in the farming of the cotton and you have a garment that is one of the least eco friendly in the fashion world.

But this is not the end for jeans, we take a look at a few of our favourite brands who are fighting back against this waste, pioneering recycling programmes and incorporating new sustainable manufacturing techniques to reduce the impact on our planet whilst maintaining an impact on your fashion.


ELV denim manufacture stylish new jeans from old unwanted jeans, sourcing unwanted jeans

and materials from local landfills they are then washed, a process which saves a huge amount of water compared to the production of new denim, and delivered to local ateliers who craft the final product by hand using traditional methods. ELV denim produce a truly zero waste product, reusing and refashioning all the fabrics into sophisticated modern styles whilst ensuring their product has zero impact on the environment.


Nudie jeans construct incredible 100% organic denim cotton Jeans and jackets, providing a full range of denim wear for Men and Women, this is all done within an ethically verifiable GOTS framework. Nudie Jeans use at least 70% of sustainable fibres and recycled materials in their production process, offer a fair living wage and have invested in mapping their entire supply chain data and emissions to increase transparency. If this wasn’t enough Nudie jeans also offer a free lifetime repair service, patching and restitching your favourite jeans at their repair centres or mobile repair shops.

Monkee genes

Monkee Genes manufacture fresh and vibrant organic denim jeans and organic cotton apparel, made with an ethical conscience in harmony with their workers. Each factory used in the manufacturing supply chain is visited and holds certification in sustainability or ethical treatment. Monkee genes also use organic cotton that has achieved the highest standards, meaning harmful pesticides and chemicals are not used in its production processes.


MUD produce a quality sustainable eco-friendly denim jean. Every pair of MUD jeans are recycled after use, so far they have turned 20,000 pairs of jeans into new denim. In using as much recycled denim as possible MUD jean production has 47% less land use than industry standards. By using innovative washing techniques and water recycling plants they also use a minimal amount of water creating a circular fashion brand that truly cares about the wellbeing of every body involved with in the process without compromising style and comfort their customers desire.


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