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SU-stainable use only 100% fair-trade cotton and recycled fibres to manufacture their classic range of hoodies and sweat shirts and masks, helping you to protect the planet and the communities and people who make our clothes.

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Hoodie + Facemasks + Sweatshirts

Items For Sale

Fairtrade Cotton, Recycled polyester

Materials Used

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Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable Fashion
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Sustainable Fashion

In Their Own Words

"The SUstainable mission is to trade fairly at both ends of the supply chain so that:

• All our SUstainable-manufactured clothes contain Fairtrade certified cotton meaning that the cotton farmers are receiving a fair price for their crop and a little extra for them to invest in improving their communities;

• All of the polyester in our core range Fairtrade garments is recycled from human resource waste, so our garments help to protect the planet too;

• All of our factory workers enjoy decent rates of pay and working conditions;

• All the UK corporate entities and other organisations that buy SUstainable-labelled Fairtrade certified cotton garments are guaranteed a high-quality garment."

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