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Wild Deodorant

Wild produce a plastic-free, all natural deodorant thats kind to your skin and your environment. Their beautiful range of fragrances is available in a handy multi-use cases and is free from paragons, aluminium's and sulphates, keeping you fresh all day and being kind not just to your skin but the whole planet.

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Wild Deodorant

Deodorant + Deodorant holders

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Aluminium + Recycled plastics + Essential oils + Natural oils

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"Millions of bathroom products are thrown away every year and the sustainable and natural alternatives out there don't cut it - until now. At Wild, we want to shake-up the throwaway culture of bathroom products with high-performing products made from natural ingredients that never compromise on convenience or efficacy. Single-use plastic stinks so we’ve created a reusable deodorant applicator made from aluminium that will last you a lifetime. Forget waste, you can refill your case again and again with our bamboo pulp deodorant refills which we’ll deliver straight to your door. The refills are made from natural fibre so once empty, pop them in your paper recycling or compost heap where they’ll rot away to nothing. Every time you refill your case, you’ll save 30 grams of plastic going to landfill.

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