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UpCircle Beauty

UpCircle Beauty produce an amazing range of beauty products and cosmetics, all their products are 100% natural and utilise a wide range of food and industrial products that would other wise have gone to waste, making them a great choice for your skin and also the environment.

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UpCircle Beauty

Eye Cream + Moisturiser + Toner + Serum + Body Scrub + Cosmetics

Items For Sale

Recycled cosmetic materials + glass +

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"Skincare is a crowded market, and ‘natural’ is the new “normal”. Each product in our range sources and rescues by-products from other industries – the food and drink industry in particular. In recent years we have seen the dramatic rise of natural, then organic, then vegan and cruelty-free beauty, but we believe circular / by-product beauty will be the next step – we’re proud to be pioneering that movement."

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Sustainable Fashion
UpCircle Beauty
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